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Site Planning - Kevin Lynch

Site Planning


Kevin Lynch


The MIT Press



Site planning is the art of arranging buildings and other structures on the land in harmony with each other. This book is intended to be an introduction to the art, an exposition of its principles, and a condensed technical reference. It will be of interest to students and to professional city planners, architects, landscape architects, and civil engineers. But those who enjoy the urban landscape or who are concerned with the social issues which it generates may also find some pleasure in it. There is not much that is original in these pages, except perhaps for the way they are put together. The ideas come from many sources and have been so condensed, reorganized, and interpreted that they can rarely be referred to a single source. My education in architecture and its roots in the land began with Frank Lloyd Wright, who opened my eyes. Since then, I have been able to work or to teach with skilled men and to learn thereby: Lawrence Anderson, Robert Woods Kennedy, Ralph Rapson, John Myer. Gyorgy Kepes and his ideas are present as always. Several expert site planners have made important comments on early drafts of this text: Hideo Sasaki, Julian Whittlesey, Ralph Eberlin. Mark Sagal of the Perini Corporation was helpful in checking my cost figures and Robert Newman in advising me on exterior acoustics. Rodney Freebairn-Smith took on the demanding task of searching for photographic illustrations. The text has grown gradually out of notes for a course in site planning, beginning with an original nucleus by Draveaux Bender on sewer and water systems. Here and there he will find fragments of his original work.

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Judul Site Planning
Penulis Kevin Lynch
Penerbit The MIT Press
Tahun Terbit 1972
Lokasi Penerbitan USA
ISBN 026212050X
Kode Pustaka BPIW-151
Kode Panggil 711 LYN s
Kode Klasifikasi 711
Bahasa English
Lokasi Simpan Perpustakaan BPIW
Judul Seri
Subyek Regional Planning

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