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Smart Urban and Rural Planning Techniques - Bedi, Harmit Singh

Smart Urban and Rural Planning Techniques


Bedi, Harmit Singh


Copal Publishing



The book is designed to guide to build smart, sustainable, harmonious, and futuristic communities with smart, innovative, and creative tools such as sustainability, context sensitive design, form-based codes, mixed-use and life-style developments, charrettes, creative design options for Indian urban and rural areas. Execution and implementation of the suggested solutions and models can make urban and rural areas to be the most beautiful places to live, work, play, learn, invest, worship and raise a family on the most beautiful place on earth ? India.This book is a concise document to understand built environment and human activities and provide smart, practical and functional planning solutions. Furthermore, this book explains theory and practice of many elements and facets of urban and rural planning ranging from need of planning, planners identity, zoning, land use planning, transportation, urban design, landscaping, environment, and historic preservation. This book is designed for practicing, academics, and students of urban/city/town/regional/rural planning, civil engineering, architecture, landscape architecture, urban design, environmental studies, economics, development studies, Indian Administrative Services (IAS) trainees, trainers/faculty, and practitioners, elected officials (all levels), policy makers, business and city managers, sociologists, religious leads, land-use and zoning lawyers, judicial judges, development community, civic society groups, citizens active and interested in improving quality of life, and organizations with goals to improve living conditions for humanity, such as World Bank, United Nations, and Shack-Slum Dwellers International.

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Judul Smart Urban and Rural Planning Techniques
Penulis Bedi, Harmit Singh
Penerbit Copal Publishing
Tahun Terbit 2016
Lokasi Penerbitan
ISBN 9789383419265
Kode Pustaka BPIW-58
Kode Panggil 711.4 BED s
Kode Klasifikasi 711.4
Bahasa English
Lokasi Simpan Perpustakaan BPIW
Kolasi xxxix, 389 pages
Judul Seri
Subyek Perkotaan, urban planning, rural planning

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