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What Time is This Place? - Kevin Lynch

What Time is This Place?


Kevin Lynch


The MIT Press



Change and recurrence are the sense of being alive—things gone by, death to come, and present awareness. The world around us, so much of it our own creation, shifts continually and often bewilders us. We reach out to that world to preserve or to change it and so to make visible our desire. The arguments ofplanning all come down to the management of change. This book deals with the evidence of time which is embodied in the physical world, how those external signals fit (or fail to fit) our internal experience, and how that inside-to-outside relationship might become a life-enhancing one. The discussion ranges from historical preservation to the forms of transition, futurism, time signals, the esthetics of time, biological rhythm, time perception, disaster, renewal, and revolution. The theme of the book is that the quality of the personal image of time is crucial for individual well-being and also for our success in managing environmental change, and that the external physical environment plays a role in building and supporting that image of time. The relationship is therefore reciprocal.

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Judul What Time is This Place?
Penulis Kevin Lynch
Penerbit The MIT Press
Tahun Terbit 1972
Lokasi Penerbitan USA
ISBN 0262120615
Kode Pustaka BPIW-152
Kode Panggil
Kode Klasifikasi NONE
Bahasa English
Lokasi Simpan Perpustakaan BPIW
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